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Well this is my first post.

Today I will be talking about how to build a really cool chair for your Sig-Fig.

You will need: 5 1×2 flat pieces

2 blank minifigure heads

3 1×4 flat pieces

1 2×2 flat tile

3 1×2 flat tiles

8 studs

2 1×1 flat pieces

2 arched pieces

2 2×4 flat pieces

2 headlight bricks

1 1×2 brick

List of what you will need

Step 1

First take one 2×4 flat piece and place it next to one 1×4 flat piece

Step 2

Now to the same thing but switch the pieces around

Step 3

Now take three 1×2 flat pieces and place as so in the picture

Step 4

Now take two 1×1 Flat pieces (not the studs)

Step 5

Next take one 2×2 Flat tile and place it as shown in the picture

Step 6

Take two 1×2 flat tiles and place them next to the 2×2 flat tile as shown

Step 7

We are going to now start making the back of the Armchair. First you will need one 1×4 flat piece. Then take one 1×2 Flat piece and place it on top of the 1×4 flat piece just as the picture

Step 8

Next you will next to take two headlight bricks, one 1×2 brick, and one 1×2 flat piece. Take the 1×2 flat piece and place it on top of the 1×2 brick. Place that on top of the other 1×2 flat piece. Next you will take the two headlight bricks and place the on each side of the 1×2 brick with the 1×2 flat piece on top of the brick

Step 9

Next you will need the two sloped bricks you see in the picture. place each on both sides on top of the headlight brick

Step 10

Now take one 1×2 flat tile. and place on top of both of the sloped bricks just as the picture shows above

Step 11

Now you need to take two studs and place them on the front of both Headlight bricks

Step 12

Then you take the two blank Minifigure head and put the on top of the two studs. Then take Colored studs and place them on top of the heads

Now you take the back and set it on top of the other section of the chair. Now just add the last four colored studs on the bottom to have feet. Now you’re done! Well done! Now just add a minifigure!

These pictures were given by a friend to make this possible! Check him out!