Building Dictonary

(AKA Studs Not On Top) A building technique that places LEGO elements on their sides or even upside down to achieve the shape or structure the builder wants in their creation. It can also mean that the creation has no”Studs” showing.
(AKA My Own Creation) Any LEGO creation designed and built by a LEGO fan without instructions. Generally pronounced “mock.”
The minifig version of a LEGO fan that he or she uses in online communities as an avatar, from “signature minifig.” Sigfigs may or may not resemble the person physically, as LEGO fans used to interacting with each other online discover at LEGO conventions.
Vignette or Vig
A small LEGO scene, usually built on a base 8 studs long by 8 studs wide. Contrast with Bignette and Diorama.
Cheese Slope
A LEGO element with a 33° slope, 1 stud by 1 stud wide and two plates high (or 2/3 of a brick high). Part number 50746. Useful for adding fine detail to LEGO creations. Named after the fact that yellow and orange pieces look like a wedge of Cheddar cheese.
(AKA Adult Fan of LEGO) The most common term used to refer to LEGO fans who are adults. Generally pronounced to rhyme with
(AKA Big Ugly Rock Piece) A large, pre-fabricated LEGO element generally available in gray and frequently included in LEGO castle sets. More experienced LEGO fans often encourage other builders to use brick-built landscaping rather than BURPs.

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